Nathan Perrott

2003-2004 Preseason Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Dec 08, 1976
From: Owen Sound, ON Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 225 lbs.
NHL Fights: 5
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Nathan Perrott vs. Andrew Peters
1 Pd 8:49
@TOR BUF Andrew Peters
First shift for both guys, they talk before the puck is dropped and squareoff right after. When they come together Perrott surprised Peters a bit as he's a lefty and really overwhelmed Peters at first. Perrott didn't land too many, but Peters was confused and spinning. They go down with Perrott on top and Perrott kept throwing once they were down.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Andrew Peters
1 Pd 16:39
@TOR BUF Andrew Peters
Round two: Peters slashes Perrott before the puck is dropped, everyone in the rink knows they are going. Perrott is hesitant at first and doesn't want to, it becomes obvious he'll have little choice and they squareoff again in the exact same place as before. This time they come together for a brief toe to toe, then Perrott lands one or two solid shots. They come together, then they back up again for some more toe to toe, this time Perrott slips and falls. He does manage to bounce right back up and as he is getting up Peters hits him with a good uppercut, and then a right cross to Perrott's jaw. Perrott regains his balance again and grazes one. They tie up and hold each other as they are out of breath.
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Denis Hamel vs. Nathan Perrott
2 Pd 17:43
TOR @OTT Denis Hamel
Perrott runs Lalime. On the next faceoff he's lined up beside Hamel and they chat. Nothing happens for about 15 seconds until they get into the Leaf zone and Hamel checks Perrott into the boards. The gloves come off and both guys try to get each other's helmet off while in tight. Neither was successful and Perrott then just fires lefts. Hamel's head was in tight, close to Perrott's chest, so the punches weren't that great. Still, Perrott throws about four or five lefts and Hamel didn't get a punch off.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Greg Zanon
1 Pd 15:55
@TOR OTT Greg Zanon
Both were swinging and landing a few, and it appeared Perrott took over at the end.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Ben Carpentier
3 Pd 0:20
@TOR MON Ben Carpentier
They squareoff towards the boards with some room to move. Moving around, they lunge in and Carpentier lands a nice left, while Perrott gets in a right. They grapple for a moment and go to switch hands while moving, and Perrott just takes over with the lefts, throwing a bunch while he's got Carpentier pressed up against the glass. Carpentier grabs and hugs tight to end it.