Darcy Verot

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: C
Birthday: Jul 13, 1976
From: Radville, SK Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs.
AHL Fights: 5
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Darcy Verot vs. Mike Brown
1 Pd 0:3
@POR SJS Mike Brown
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Greg Black vs. Darcy Verot
2 Pd 11:7
POR @WOR Greg Black
Other Penalties: Black received an instigator and misconduct; Verot a slashing; Steve McLaren a cross checking.
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Joe Rullier vs. Darcy Verot
3 Pd 14:53
POR @MCR Joe Rullier
Other penalties: Verot and Rullier each received an unsportsmanlike conduct.
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Darcy Verot vs. Guillaume Lefebvre
3 Pd 10:5
@POR WBS Guillaume Lefebvre
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Brendan Walsh vs. Darcy Verot
1 Pd 1:35
POR @PRO Brendan Walsh
NHL Fights: 10
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Darcy Verot vs. Scott Ferguson
1 Pd 11:55
@WAS EDM Scott Ferguson
Both are tied up by the Washington bench with Ferguson throwing rights to the back of Verot's head. Verot tries to throw a few, but is blocked. Ferguson throws a couple of more rights and then switches to throwing lefts and it looks like he snapped Verot's head back. Verot tries to throw more rights, but is tied up.
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Darcy Verot vs. Tie Domi
1 Pd 12:58
@WAS TOR Tie Domi
Short sqaureoff and they lunge in. Looked like Verot tried to throw a punch when he lunged, but missed. Domi threw one punch over Verots's head, but missed as well. Verot falls and tries to get up, but Domi pushes him down to ice. Refs come in and grab Verot while Domi hits him with one right then a left uppercut.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Darcy Verot
2 Pd 12:41
WAS @FLA Darcy Hordichuk
Voted winner:  Darcy Hordichuk   (100%) - Voted rating: 7.2
Verot shoulders Hordichuk in front of the Panthers' bench and the drops them instantly. Verot lands a right to the side of Hordi's head, then misses or grazes another. Hordichuk throws a right to a ducking Verot's shoulder. They throw rights at the same time. Verot's grazing and Hordi's landing and knocking Verot to his knees. Hordi throws a right, then a body shot to Verot, who's trying to regain his balance. Hordi throws a downward right that misses. Verot gets up and gets tagged with another right, while his right just misses Hordichuk. Verot ducks and turns from the punch and Hordi catches Verot's shoulder with a right. They both throw rights that get caught up in each other's punches. They throw three rights in stereo with only Hordi's last seeming to put an off-balance Verot back to his knee. Other Penalties: Verot received a charging.
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Darcy Verot vs. Todd Fedoruk
3 Pd 14:39
@WAS PHI Todd Fedoruk
Voted winner:  Todd Fedoruk   (77.8%) - Voted rating: 5.6
Verot and Roenick get two minutes for roughing. Verot comes out of the box and goes straight for Roenick, but Jeremy skates to the bench. Out comes the Fridge who makes a goes right for Verot. Verot throws a couple of shots fast. Fridge then lands a stuff left, but Darcy hangs in there and gets some of his own shots in there. The linesmen jump in quickly and Verot sneaks a few in after. Other Penalties: Verot received a misconduct; Fedoruk an instigator and misconduct.
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Bob Boughner vs. Darcy Verot
2 Pd 1:49
WAS @CAR Bob Boughner
Starts off the faceoff in the Canes' zone to the right of Weekes. Verot throws some shots going in, nothing looked to seriously land. Boughner throws one or two light punches right at the tie-up, one lands, but nothing to it. Verot gets the back of Boughner's jersey behind his neck and backs Boughner to the boards near the corner. Both are throwing some shots that aren't getting around to the head. Boughner then slips another good shot to the face, but wasn't much behind it. Verot manages to get Boughner in a head-lock, and Boughner almost looks to try to suplex Verot WWE-style. Boughner backs out of the head-lock and has a great position (he's holding Verot from behind). They both sort of go down, not all the way, they bounce back up, and Boughner starts slinging punches, one or two land and Verot goes down. Boughner throws another one or two to the neck or head area after Verot goes down.
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Bruno St. Jacques vs. Darcy Verot
2 Pd 4:45
WAS @CAR Bruno St. Jacques
Verot was throwing pretty good rights and St. Jacques went for one, but got caught with a right that put St. Jacques down for a second. To his credit he got back up and tossed Verot to the ice and hit Verot in the back of the head a few times. They both got up and just hold on. Other Penalties: Each player received a game misconduct.
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Jordin Tootoo vs. Darcy Verot
1 Pd 10:46
WAS @NSH Jordin Tootoo
Voted winner:  Jordin Tootoo   (66.7%) - Voted rating: 6.8
They bump in front of the penalty box and Verot slashes Tootoo. They both seem to drop the gloves at the same time. Tootoo sheds his lid after he drops his gloves and Verot does the same. They skate all the way from the near boards to the far boards during their square off, Verot has to remove his hair from his eyes. They finally dive in and start throwing rights. Each fighter throwing two or three rights. Verot and Tootoo both land punches. Tootoo then switches hands and throws two lefts, only one looked to land. They grapple for a second and Tootoo tries another left that goes over Verot's head. Tootoo gets Verot's jersey over his head after he misses the left. Verot then throw a blind right that hit's Tootoo's shoulder. Tootoo answers back with three rights. All three look like they probably hit Verot's face, but it's hard to tell because Verot's jersey is over his face. Verot somehow managed to get Tootoo's jersey over his head after Tootoo threw the third right. They are now both blind and Tootoo jerks Verot down to a knee. The linesmen come in and Verot tries a right over the linesmen and Tootoo tries to answer back with a left over the linesmen. Niether player's late punch seemed to do any damage. They finally break up and it's over. Tootoo was given a match penalty for having tape on his hand. Other Penalties: Tootoo received an attempt to injure match penalty.
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Jordin Tootoo vs. Darcy Verot
1 Pd 2:59
WAS @NSH Jordin Tootoo
Tootoo levels Semin at the Caps' blue line with an open ice hit. Tootoo starts pushing and shoving with a Cap after the hit. While he's pushing with one Cap, Verot comes over to challenge him. Tootoo accepts and they shed the gloves. Verot gets the fight started with a right that goes over Tootoo's head. While Verot is bringing his hand back, he removes Tootoo's helmet. Verot tries another right that goes over Tootoo's head again. Verot then throws a weak right that hits the back of Tootoo's neck. They throw simultaneous punches. Tootoo throws a left that hits Verot's shoulder or face, Verot's right comes under Tootoo's left and looks to hit Tootoo's chin or cheek pretty flush. Tootoo responds with a short left that lands flush and knocks down Verot. Verot gets back up and they grapple for a second or two before Tootoo takes down Verot. Tootoo might have landed a left to the back of Verot's head on the way down.
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Garth Murray vs. Darcy Verot
2 Pd 4:35
WAS @NYR Garth Murray
Voted winner:  Garth Murray   (70%) - Voted rating: 6.6
Murray checks Verot into the boards and they quickly drop em. Murray is throwing fast and furious, not much connecting, and Verot is throwing quick rights as well. Verot angles him off, with Murray throwing rights that are not landing or grazing the side of Verot's head. Verot pins Garth to the boards and is working on getting his helmet off. By the time this happens, the linesmen come in to break it up.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Darcy Verot
1 Pd 1:9
WAS @NYR Matthew Barnaby
Voted winner:  Darcy Verot   (96.3%) - Voted rating: 6.1
These two are talking after a face off and eventually square off. Verot has a good hold of Barnaby's jersey and Barnaby is trying to throw punches. Verot throws three or four rights, hard to tell what connected. Barnaby is trying to get his arm out of his jersey, but Verot won't let him. Barnaby is totally tangled up in his jersey and Verot gets in a few shots before Barnaby falls backwards. Other Penalties: Verot received a slashing.