Sean Brown

2003-2004 Preseason Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Nov 05, 1976
From: Oshawa, ON Canada
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205 lbs.
NHL Fights: 3
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Donald Brashear vs. Sean Brown
3 Pd 18:39
NJD @PHI Donald Brashear
Brown challenges Brash, after a long squareoff, they both dive in. They wrap up and as Brash cocks the left and Brown lands two rights. Brash ties him up again and they grapple some more. Brown then lands another short right and Brash tries to get the left going to no avail. Then, unexpectedly, Brash gets the right going and catches Brown with three rights. Brown ties him up, buries his head into Brash's chest, and falls down. Good fight the Devils were really pumped up and really celebrated Brown for what he did.
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Dale Purinton vs. Sean Brown
3 Pd 1:7
NJD @NYR Dale Purinton
Early in the third they're a few feet in front of Brodeur and get the sticks up high. The gloves drop quicker then you can say "lots of tugging". Purinton swings the left and connects with a couple in the shoulder/neck area. Nothing seems to phase Brown, who's trying to get a better position on the bigger Purinton. Brown throws his own left and then a couple of right uppercuts. They're grappling the whole time, you can tell they're going to burn out quick. Some more position-jockeying and Brown goes to cock his right back, Purinton grabs it, and they hug till the linesmen come in.
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Jason Wiemer vs. Sean Brown
1 Pd 18:58
NJD @NYI Jason Wiemer
With a couple of minutes left in the 1st period and right as Jason Blake nets the second Islanders goal, Wiemer and Sean Brown square off in a rematch from last season. It was tough to get a good read on what was landing, since they were near the corner on the opposite side of the ice. A decent number of punches were thrown by both, though it didn't appear that much damage was done. Wiemer got his right arm out of his jersey and was more active throwing after that, but Brown had him locked out pretty well. The linesmen came in as Brown was pushing Wiemer into the boards, with Wiemer throwing weak right-handed rabbit punches.