January 04, 2014
1st Period - 0:06
2013-2014 Regular Season
Voting Results
Frederic Cote 14.3% (1 votes)
Martin Trempe 85.7% (6 votes)
Draw 0% (0 votes)

Past User Reviews
Posted by Patman on January 05, 2014 at 06:28 PM

Good tilt. Lot's of hand sandwiches delivered here.

Posted by jrsnowden25 on January 05, 2014 at 07:24 PM

Uncle Phil died and came back as a fighter.

Posted by sjeffh on January 06, 2014 at 02:43 AM

I just felt like that was coming looking at the size differential of these guys. I hope the little guy lives to play another day...