Shawn Thornton Has Cameo in Ted

B’s Thornton makes cameo appearance in movie ‘Ted’

Thornton’s quick role takes place toward the end of the movie while Wahlberg is singing badly on stage. The Bruins enforcer rushes the stage as an enraged berserker from the audience as boos begin raining down from the crowd.

Wahlberg slams the onrushing Thornton in the face with his microphone stand just as the Bruins forward gets to the stage, and then keeps right on singing. It’s a little bit of a stretch to think the 5-foot-8-ish Wahlberg could take down one of the NHL’s toughest customers, but that’s what Hollywood acting is all about in the end.

The best part: Thornton is listed as “Crazy Guy” in the final credits for “Ted” as listed on