Paul Stewart Criticizes “Passive” Rangers

Burrows Hit on McDonagh: Where Were the Rangers?

I am all for hustle from buzzer to buzzer. This wasn’t hustle and it wasn’t forechecking. This hit was an act of opportunistic cowardice done either out of sheer frustration or to impress the coach (who just so happens to be the former Rangers coach). There was no excuse for that hit.

However, in watching this play, my bigger question is this: Where the hell were the Rangers all this time?

McDonagh is supposed to be an emerging franchise defenseman whom some have deemed a worthy Norris Trophy candidate this season. Whether he is or not at that level yet is subject to a different debate (I personally think he still has a way to go before he’s hailed like some latter-day Brian Leetch). The main point here is that he’s a player whom teammates should be protecting at all costs if they see him as their blueline anchor along with Dan Girardi.