Kevin Westgarth’s EIHL Journey

Stopping the fight

Used to be the warrior was the noble, set apart from those he swore to protect by his acceptance of violence and by a code of conduct that kept him honourable. Medieval knights called this chivalry; to the samurai it was the way of the warrior. It didn’t matter what he accomplished day to day, all that mattered was that when the time came, he entered the battle and fought like he was already dead. That’s what made him noble. That’s what made him selfless.

Kevin Westgarth knows this. Not because he is a student of history and war but because he is one of hockey’s discarded enforcers. A wandering samurai who now finds himself alone and bleeding in a Belfast arena.

It's a good read about Kevin Westgarth, one of the players to be featured in the upcoming Ice Guardians project (disclosure: I'm a producer).

However, it's pretty amateur of Sportsnet to allow a long-form piece to have zero links/citations/sources/references for the stats and declarations made in here, some of which are iffy. A recommended Sunday read nonetheless.