Jared Boll’s Job Is Evolving

CBJ line evolving, still searching for an identity

The longest tenured Blue Jacket is Jared Boll. He has seen his role as a bottom six forward evolve and knew he had to adapt to stay in the league. Once looked at as merely a player who could lay the smackdown on opposing players that took liberties with his teammates, he’s had to work on his skill level to be able to contribute in a positive way.

“I think overall, the whole league has changed”, said Jared Boll. “All of the elite teams and teams that go far in the playoffs are playing four lines. You can’t afford to only roll three lines anymore.”

“Obviously, there will be times with special teams play and things happen where you don’t get the minutes. It’s our job to be ready. We know on most nights that we’ll be getting those minutes and we have to definitely be ready to fill those minutes.”