Advertisement Fantasy Fighting Championship Bracket: Final Four Fantasy Fighting Championship Bracket: Final Four

Over 380,000 votes have been cast. You have been heard. 

The final four contestants are upon us and a friendly reminder that the next bracket to decide the best current-day fighter is coming up, get your noms in now. 

The link to voting is now on both our Instagram AND twitter. Links below.

Round 4 Recap —

Zdeno Chara OVER Wendel Clark
Tie Domi OVER Georges Laraque
Milan Lucic OVER Darren McCarty
Bob Probert OVER Dave Semenko

Here is what the bracket looks like now:

Previous day results:

Bob Probert OVER Stu Grimson
Tie Domi OVER Derek Boogaard
Zdeno Chara OVER Gordie Howe
Darren McCarty OVER Chris Simon

Round 5 Votes:

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