Fighting gets a new signal

Fighting gets a new signal

Hockey season is rapidly approaching and to you hockeyfights readers, I ask, are you not entertained enough, yet? There has been some almost fights in training camps. We have been posting goalie fights galore. Now, the team over at have uncovered for everyone, the new signal to show that a player will be receiving a fighting major penalty.

Spicy Training Camp videos?

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— hockeyfights (@hockeyfights) January 6, 2021

Hands up in front of yourself, with fists clenched, will now be seen in every single fight video we can find it for you and I for one am excited.

Sure, I will miss the Wes McCauley’s hand gestures and emphatic “both guys, five minutes each for FIGHTING”

And who could forget the “Dan O’what in the hell are you doing there and have you ever been in a fight in your life” gesture:

If you want to read about all the rules changes (tweaks more so), then absolutely encourage you to check out the article they wrote at ScoutingTheRefs. As well, we were able to ask our friends at to put together a bit of a look at the odds that have been provided this year, division by division for the 2021 NHL season.

Check those out here.

Looking forward to the 2021 season kick off.