ECHL: Komets and Eagles Warm-up Dance

ECHL: Komets and Eagles Warm-up Dance

There is a glitch in the matrix.

Ok, it's not that serious. We have just found a loophole where a fight has occured in a hockey game, but we have no real reason to display in on our site.

The rules of the game (that we created) for this site read that for a fight to be considered a fight, one or more players have to have received a fighting major (or a misconduct for an additional fight, and a few other loopholes). So on Sunday, when the Fort Wayne Komets and Colorado Eagles lined up at centre ice Mighty Ducks (the movie) style during their warm-ups, we entered a weird spot.

To understand where this came from you have to first jump back to Game one of the ECHL playoff series between the two teams in which, Fort Wayne Komet's goalie, Michael Houser, was ran over by Colorado Eagle's player Ryan Harrison in overtime. Houser is injured as a result of the hit and scheduled to miss Game two.

Flip back to Game two where the players are lined up. There is a lot of conversation going on, outside of camera view, and not a referee in sight. Some stick swinging ensues and a couple of fights break out.

Game 1, Komet’s goalie Michael Houser gets run by Ryan Harrison.
Game 2, lineup in the warmups to have a “chat”

Fort Wayne Komets and Colorado Eagle Game 2, Sunday in Colorado.

Video Credit @JGfortwayne

— hockeyfights (@hockeyfights) May 15, 2018

This was characterized as a brawl by almost all of the stories I read about it:

“Bizarre brawl breaks out before ECHL playoff hockey game”

“WATCH: Colorado Eagles brawl with Fort Wayne Komets before playoff game starts”

Which this very clearly wasn't. Just tempers boiling over between two teams that in the middle of a hotly contested playoff series. A whole lot of “nothing to see here” in my opinion. Players from both sides show a lot of restraint on their own guys and don't jump in on fights that have broken out. 

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