Colton Orr Profiled by CBC

Leafs’ Colton Orr keeps fighting, providing for family

He said he simply cannot afford to think about what might be down the road. One punch could end it all.

“I can’t think like that,” Orr told “I know what got me here to the NHL and that is my role. I try to improve to become a better, more well-rounded player, but I’ve got to play as hard as I can and not think about things like that.”

Colton Orr did not even begin playing hockey until he was 11 years old. He knew right away his bread and butter was his ability to intimidate.

“I was a pretty tough kid, Orr said. “When I was 16 and playing with the St. Boniface Saints I think I had 30 fights and 300 penalty minutes. I have always played that role. I just would do whatever I had to do to make it to the NHL. I never thought I would have ever made it this far and that I would have lasted as long as I have when I started playing junior hockey.”