Chris Simon

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: LW
Birthday: Jan 30, 1972
From: Wawa, ON Canada
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 235 lbs.
NHL Fights: 16
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Chris Simon vs. Andreas Lilja
2 Pd 14:28
@NYR FLA Andreas Lilja
Description coming soon. Other Penalties: Lilja received an instigator and misconduct; Simon a double elbowing and game misconduct.
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Chris Simon vs. Darcy Hordichuk
1 Pd 16:34
@NYR FLA Darcy Hordichuk
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (68.2%) - Voted rating: 7.1
Darcy lays a hit on a Ranger and Simon chases him all over ice. Hordi waits a little and they get along boards and then Darcy throws off gloves and starts chucking lefts, landing a couple of decent ones. Simon then answers back with a couple of good lefts. Solid lefts by both guys, they spin and Simon is a little stronger with the control. He lands one or two more lefts late.
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Turner Stevenson vs. Chris Simon
3 Pd 0:4
NYR @NJD Turner Stevenson
Right at the faceoff that started the third period Stevenson and Simon drops the gloves. Simon tries about five punches and connects with a couple in the back of the head and gets the takedown. Stevenson tried a couple, but didn't really connect with anything.
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Grant McNeill vs. Chris Simon
1 Pd 8:29
NYR @FLA Grant McNeill
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (86.6%) - Voted rating: 8.3
McNeill puts the stick between Barnaby's legs and tries to get him to go. As they skate up the ice Simon comes over and shoves McNeill. Another Florida player skates over to Simon to shove him. McNeill drops the gloves and starts hitting Simon with right hands, some of which hit. Simon is trying to get in fighting position as he was essentially caught off-guard by McNeil. Once Simon is squared away he starts hammering McNeill with a barrage of lefts. A solid left to McNeill's jaw snaps his head back and puts him down to one knee. To McNeill's credit he gets right back up and both players trade a few more punches before the linesman step in.
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Bryan Marchment vs. Chris Simon
1 Pd 7:1
NYR @TOR Bryan Marchment
Some rough stuff leads to these two dropping them near the Rangers blueline. Simon starts throwing left bombs, nothing big landing. Simon then takes Marchment down hard.
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Bryan Marchment vs. Chris Simon
2 Pd 13:25
NYR @TOR Bryan Marchment
As this starts, Simon instigates with marchment and proceeds to start pounding him with lefts. Marchment is basically trying to turtle after eating a couple. Domi, while in the linesman's hold, grabs Simon from behind and pulls everyone down. Simon gets 17 and somehow, Domi avoids the obvious third man in. Other Penalties: Simon received an instigator, misconduct and game misconduct.
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Chris Simon vs. Darren Langdon
2 Pd 1:41
@NYR MON Darren Langdon
Langdon starts the period taking runs and liberties at Barnaby and Chris Simon comes over to put a stop to it. They lock up, Langdon throws a right, simon takes off Langdon's helmet, throws a couple of lefts and Langdon falls down.
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Chris Simon
2 Pd 0:39
NYR @CAR Jesse Boulerice
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (57.6%) - Voted rating: 7.2
Right off a neutral zone faceoff they squareoff, then tie-up with both throwing some small shots on the way in. Simon then unleashes a flurry of punches, Boulerice throws some that don't look to land while trying to dodge Simon's onslaught. Simon looks to land the majority to the side of the head and neck shoulder area, some land solidly to the face. Simon threw a lot of punches. Boulerice goes down to a knee, but bounces right back up and proceeds to start slinging. Simon is a bit better at dodging the punches, but Boulerice lands some good shots to the head. Simon goes to a knee and gets up. Simon eventually gets a good hold of Boulerice, they both throw and a couple of more and Simon throws Boulerice to the ice as Jesse loses his balance.
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Chris Simon vs. Chris Dingman
2 Pd 18:22
@NYR TBL Chris Dingman
Simon hooks Dingman and asks to dance. He thinks about it and then sheds his gloves and grabs on. Simon rips Dingman's helmet off with his right and throws three lefts, maybe one or two landing as Dingman just hung on and drove Simon up against the benches. Dingman then pushes Simon over the boards.
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Martin Lapointe vs. Chris Simon
3 Pd 11:20
NYR @BOS Martin Lapointe
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (86.7%) - Voted rating: 3.3
Lapointe is giving it to Poti so Simon comes over, shoves Lapointe a couple of times and finally gets him to go. Lots of holding, then Simon gets his left free and lands four to five shots. Lapointe throws a right which misses and Simon hits him with three to four lefts and the linesman comes in.
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Donald Brashear vs. Chris Simon
3 Pd 17:5
NYR @PHI Donald Brashear
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (15.4%) - Voted rating: 2
Brash goes after Holik the whole time up the ice, a Ranger steps in, nothing happens. Simon jumps off the bench, they skate around and finally drop them. They grapple, fall, and it's over. Other Penalties: Brashear received a misconduct.
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Chris Simon vs. Todd Simpson
2 Pd 9:54
@NYR OTT Todd Simpson
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (96%) - Voted rating: 5.6
They both start off with two hard shots, after which Simon seems the more powerful and gets the advantage, throwing two or three more that hit the side of the head/helmet before they go down.
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Chris Simon vs. Zdeno Chara
1 Pd 8:11
@NYR OTT Zdeno Chara
Voted winner:  Zdeno Chara   (35.7%) - Voted rating: 4.6
After a whistle Simon follows Chara and gives him a push. Chara turns and they drop the mits. Chara tags Simon with a right and knocks his lid off. Simon answered with three lefts that grazed Chara, while Chara threw three more rights that don't hit much, and the last one missing completely and down they go.
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Chris Simon vs. Dave Scatchard
3 Pd 18:32
@NYR NYI Dave Scatchard
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (79.4%) - Voted rating: 3.7
After the Asham-Barnaby fight the rest of the players on the ice (sans Dunham) are in a scrum Simon's pushing everyone around now and winds up going after Dave Scatchard. He's throwing gloved punches, but Scatchard has a brace on and can't fight. Simon drops the gloves, as does Scatchard when Simon gets in-close and Scatch holds on while Simon punches him for a bit. The linesmen can't break it up too effectively at first because more players are pairing off. They fall to the ice where Scatch is able to throw a couple of shots, but nothing really. In the mean time Messier's pushing around with Blake. Dipietro goes to get in between, but the two break away. Dunham skate down, but nothing happens. Messier and Blake continue to push and shove, and Messier's got Blake by the neck while Blake's trying to reach Messier with a punch-shove. The linesmen come in to break that up too. Other Penalties: Rick Dipietro received a leaving the crease penalty; Jason Blake a roughing; Mark Messier a double roughing; Simon a roughing and game misconduct; Scatchard a game misconduct.
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Eric Godard vs. Chris Simon
1 Pd 9:13
NYR @NYI Eric Godard
Voted winner:  Eric Godard   (42.9%) - Voted rating: 6.7
It all starts with Asham and Barnaby. Then Cairns and Purinton come in and suddenly Cairns gets elbowed by Purinton and Purinton falls down. Cairns then throws a handful of punches at the turtling Purinton. Godard starts shoving everyone and Simon grabs him. Godard with rights, Simon with lefts, some good punches back and forth. Simon falls down and Godard falls on top. Other Penalties: Matt Barnaby and Arron Asham each received a roughing; Godard an obstruction hooking.
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Chris Simon vs. Jeff Cowan
1 Pd 14:37
@CAL LAK Jeff Cowan
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (96.6%) - Voted rating: 6.2
They meet by the benches as Simon steps in for a teammate. Simon pulls the helmet off right at the beginning. Cowan tries a left, but Simon grazes a left along the back of his head. Another attempt falls short. Cowan is hunched over now and Simon lands five lefts to the back of the head and Cowan looked like he threw a few as well. Simon tries an uppercut. Cowan straightens up and throws a left. Simon lands two decent lefts. Cowan misses a left, loses his balance, and falls over. Other Penalties: Cowan received a charging.