Mike Richards

2006-2007 Regular Season Fight Card

Position: C
Birthdate: Feb 11, 1985
From: Kenora, ON; Canada
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 192lbs

NHL Fights: 4

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Nov 09, 2006 1pd 17:51 @ PHI NYI Arron Asham
The two shed the gloves and helmets, squaring off at center ice. They grab ahold of each other and Asham throws a right to start things off. They go up against the boards and Richards throws a flurry of six quick rights with Asham coming back with a right of his own. Richards throws his elbow pad down to the ice and they go back and forth with overhand rights. They end up against the glass once again and Richards switches hands, throwing two lefts. Asham connects with three overhand rights to the back and top of Richards' head and Richards goes down to a knee. Richards returns to his feet and throws a right just before Asham connects with three more overhand rights at a bent over Richards. The linesmen then quickly grab the two and end the scrap.
Voted winner: Arron Asham (61.2%) - Voted rating: 7.2
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Nov 11, 2006 2pd 11:49 @ PHI BUF Nathan Paetsch
Antero Niittymaki makes the save on a diving Drew Stafford shot and behind the play, Richards has challenged Paetsch and the two have dropped the gloves. They grab ahold of each other and Richards throws four overhand rights to the back of Paetsch's head with Paetsch returning fire in the form of a right as well. Richards connects with an uppercut followed by three more rights and Paetsch throws a short right before he falls to the ice. Richards gets in another right while he is down, but the linesmen are there to quickly grab the two.
Voted winner: Mike Richards (90.6%) - Voted rating: 6.0
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Feb 17, 2007 1pd 10:40 PHI @ NYR Sean Avery
Other Penalties: Todd Fedoruk received a tripping.
Voted winner: Sean Avery (40.7%) - Voted rating: 6.7
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Feb 19, 2007 2pd 11:19 @ PHI BOS Paul Mara
Right after the puck drops for the faceoff, they shed their gloves and helmets. Richards glides towards Mara and they end up squaring off at the blueline before grabbing ahold of each other. Mara starts things off with three straight rights. Richards returns fire with a right of his own just as they go into the side boards. Mara continues to go with the right, throwing two more and causing Richards to come back with a pair of overhand rights in response. Mara then switches strategies, connecting with three body shots. Richards is able to push Mara off-balance for a moment and they wrestle around for a short moment. Richards gets loose and connects with a right, following that up with a flurry of short overhand rights while Mara is bent over. Mara pushes Richards up against the glass and gets in a right. Mara throws some more rights with Richards responding with two of his own during the series. They eventually stop throwing and allow the linesmen to intervene and end the fight.
Voted winner: Draw (38.4%) - Voted rating: 7.0
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