Wayne Primeau

2006-2007 Regular Season Fight Card

Position: C
Birthdate: Jun 04, 1976
From: Scarborough, ON; Canada
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 220lbs

NHL Fights: 3

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Jan 30, 2007 3pd 09:30 BOS @ BUF Adam Mair
Brad Stuart levels Nathan Paetsch with a check along the boards, prompting Mair to take a run at Stuart. Primeau comes off of the bench and goes directly after Mair, running into him and challenging him. They exchange a few words and then decide to quickly drop the gloves. They grab ahold of each other and Mair immediately starts throwing lefts, landing five straight shots while Primeau ducks down and tries to get set up. Primeau returns fire with a flurry of four rights that Mair is able to avoid for the most part. Mair lands two overhand rights to the back of Primeau's head while they spin around and go down to their knees. Primeau then wrestles Mair to the ice and cocks back his right hand, but the linesmen are right there to end the fight.
Voted winner: Adam Mair (60.8%) - Voted rating: 5.4
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Feb 13, 2007 1pd 15:49 @ CAL ATL Garnet Exelby
Exelby and Primeau exchange a few words near the blueline before deciding to drop the gloves. They immediately grab ahold of each other and Primeau throws two quick rights. Primeau falls down to his knees, allowing Exelby to get in a left just before he stands back up. Primeau throws two more rights and Exelby loses his balance and falls backwards to the ice shortly after that. The linesmen move on in and things are quickly broken up.
Voted winner: Wayne Primeau (60.5%) - Voted rating: 4.1
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Feb 24, 2007 1pd 09:39 @ CAL SAN Mark Bell
Voted winner: Mark Bell (95.3%) - Voted rating: 5.6
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