Doug Doull vs Andrew Peters

Mar 11, 2004 1pd 06:05

2003-2004 Regular Season

Date / Time Away / Home Team Away / Home Player
Mar 11, 2004 Boston Bruins Doug Doull
1pd 06:05 Buffalo Sabres Andrew Peters
They square off behind the play. Doull lands an early punch that sends the helmet of Peters flying. They each exchange and land good rights, with Peters in more control at times, throwing jabs (not as much damaging as they are annoying) to the side of Doull's face as he waits out flurries to get an opportunity to throw punches back. He pops up with hard punches and Peters has balance issues at time. Peters briefly switched to the left and also got in some good right uppercuts. Fight ends when Doull gets hunched over and the linesmen come in.

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Andrew Peters 93.6%
Doug Doull 3.8%
Draw 2.6%
From 78 votes with an average rating of 7.5

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