Zenon Konopka vs Cody McLeod, Feb 1, 2013

| Ben Eklund

Early in the third period of Colorado's 7-1 blowout of Buffalo, middleweights Cody McLeod and Zenon Konopka found each other after a whistle in the Colorado zone. Konopka, frustrated with the outcome of the game, extended a challenge to McLeod. They engaged in a long, technical scrap fought in close quarters. Each player threatened to take over the fight at separate times, but an unpredictable mix of uppercuts, lefts, and rights kept both fighters guessing. McLeod, in particular, landed a beauty of a surprise left when Konopka dropped his guard. McLeod also threw a late punch after the linesman stepped in. Some surely take issue with that, while others might say it was a product of adrenaline after a very gritty fight.

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