Tom Sestito vs Krys Barch, Mar 16, 2014

| Ben Eklund

Vancouver Canucks' heavyweight Tom Sestito has enjoyed a breakout season in his first full season in Vancouver. He is posting his best NHL scoring totals of his career (5G, 4A, 9P in 66 games), and currently leads the league in fights, with 17. On Sunday, he squared off against the Panthers' Krys Barch. After a brief staredown at center ice, they engaged in a close-range fight. Sestito appeared to have the reach advantage, and intially landed the best punches. Barch used his strength to pull Sestito off balance, and got him in a spin cycle. Barch capitalized, landing a few punches of his own before Sestito recovered. The rest of the bout was a tight, defensive battle, that ended once Sestito pulled Barch's helmet off and landed one final left hand.

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