The war on fights continues on: ECHL

| nationdan

It’s an undercurrent that is building among the leagues and the debate of the reasons behind it will continue on. Today the ECHL’s new rule this season came to light. Every time a player hits 10 fights in the season (of which there were 18 players last year) they will be suspended for one game.

As the tweet/rule says, if you eclipse 14 fights in the season, each additional fight will be a two game suspension.

In the NHL, there has been a clear directive (in my opinion, allegedly) in the last year/two years to have linesmen interrupt the fight if there is even a slight opening.

Examples from this preseason alone:

Haley vs Stewart

Kaut vs Seeler

From where I blog, I would imagine that this rule change really won’t stop much from the true fighters in the league. One game/two games? Well worth.

At the end of the day, hockey players are adults and as the science continues to roll out, we respect those who continue to police the game and maintain the code. It’s been a point of frustration to our followers all over the social media, but what do you think about the move?