The Current Fighter Champ Bracket – Announcement

| nationdan

The inaugural Fighting Championship concluded just yesterday with Bob Probert crowned the first-ever champ. 

We here at Hockeyfights never sleep, and so we have already created the current fighting championship bracket and we need you. 

A couple of notes for the masses as you will have the bracket revealed to you throughout the coming days, 

1. The top seeds were created by you the fans. We asked on social for your top current fighters and the top four were Ryan Reaves, Michael Haley, Tom Wilson and Adam McQuaid. 

2. The rest of the seeds were assembled by random draw based on the number of fights they had in the 2017-18 season. If you had 3 or more fights you were guaranteed a spot. If you had two or less the list was randomized. 

3. Karl Alzner and Josh Anderson were two fight players who were randomly given spots. The rest of the two fight players who exist are in play-in votes to see who faces the top-seeds.

4. The reasoning behind the seeding decision was based solely off the fact this site rewards fighting, and people who were involved in the most amount of fights created the most content for us and therefore we reward them.

So the play-ins will commence this week and then starting Monday we will have a new bracket ready to go. 

Play-In One

Darren Archibald
Zach Bogosian
Pavel Buchnevich
Kyle Clifford

Play-In Two

David Backes
Jared Boll
Dustin Byfuglien
Braydon Coburn

Play In Three

Jamie Benn
Lance Bouma
Zdeno Chara
Ian Cole

Play In Four

Jordie Benn
Johnny Boychuk
Alex Chaisson
Blake Coleman

Thanks to everyone who voted and I look forward to hearing who I missed in this one.