The fun of a newly launched site: December 12th Update

| nationdan

We here at are so excited to be able to share with you our new site design. We selfishly loved hearing all the positive feedback but want you to know our team of super high tech individuals is working hard to get some of the issues that have popped up, fixed up.

We want to make sure our viewers of the site are up to date.


We have rectified┬ámost of the issues for this one now. If you are still having issues logging in we are working on getting the password request form back up, but if it’s an issue otherwise, let us know via email [email protected]


Yesterday video links were redirecting you to articles instead of the videos. That has since been fixed but if this is still an issue that you are seeing let us know where and when via email to [email protected]


The forums were planned to be completely ready to go but unfortunately, as with any big project things come up. The work is ongoing to get those back.

This has been a huge undertaking and we couldn’t be happier to do it for you. We thank you for your patience and will have this all smoothed out soon.