“The Bob Probert Story” Movie

| nationdan

Tough Guy: My Life on the Edge, was an autobiography written by the legend Bob Probert himself. It was released to the public prior to his shocking and untimely death in 2010. That book has now inspired a movie telling the story of a man who made hockey fans rise to their feet every night he hit the ice. 

An intimate portrait of legendary NHL tough guy Bob Probert told through exclusive interviews with his family, friends, teammates and rivals. The documentary film features game footage, news reports, and never-before-seen home movies. The film is narrated by Bob himself through interviews he taped while working on his best selling autobiography, Tough Guy, co-written with Kirstie McLellan Day. He wrote the book because he wanted to set things straight for his kids, and his fans.

The film is directed by Geordie Day of Nightschool Films and our very own David Singer is executive producer and is helping bring this beautiful project to life. The Nation Network's own Nick Seguin reached out to one of the original groups that announced this exciting project and learned of the first release of the film

“The film is already complete and has an air date of December 14th, 2018 on the SuperChannel.”

The team just released a trailer of the film and we are lucky enough to have that trailer for you on our youtube channel.

Bob’s personal life was one of the most public of any hockey player ever. His behavior was such a PR nightmare for the NHL, they invented the substance abuse program. The Red Wings hired private detectives to watch him, and drug sponsors to keep him out of trouble. But nothing worked. Bob was always in the news and he struggled with the negative celebrity attention surrounding his larger than life persona. In contrast, home video footage humanizes Bob, showing him as a loving father and husband.

I cannot wait to see this story told by Probert himself and the people who knew him best.

Some more quotes from those who knew him best: 

“There were two sides to Bob, you just didn’t want to be on the wrong one.” – Tony Twist
“You just never knew what he was going to do.” – Jeremy Roenick
“It was like riding a bull, you better hold on becuase he seemed to get more worked up as the fight went on.” – Troy Crowder
“I think it had a lot to do with his personal disregard for his physical well-being. He wasn’t the least bit concerned about getting hit.” – Stu Grimson
“As another tough guy going up against him, you may win, you may lose, but you knew it was going ot be one hell of a fight.” – Marty McSorley