Six Years of Waiting for Payback Came to an End Tuesday Night

| Jason Feigel

Reaves says New Jersey’s Tootoo had retribution coming

“It was a dirty hit on Jaskin,” Reaves said. “I see Tootoo has (Kevin) Shattenkirk, which he doesn’t think is a mismatch, but in my head, I’ve got to grab (Tootoo) and make sure I protect (Shattenkirk). And to be honest, I’ve been waiting for that one for about six years because he had a little cheap shot on me in my first year. I told him it was going to come and it came. That was long-awaited.”

Typically, throwing punches after a player is down is against the unwritten code, but Reaves said, “I think you know that I don’t usually do that….But for all I know, he gets up and tries to throw another punch. So, yeah, that was just kind of the situation and that’s how it goes down.”