Sean Avery’s Now in the Agency World

| David M Singer

From Madison Square Garden to Madison Avenue

IT is not surprising that someone who works in advertising once interned at Vogue and has the fashion sense, and looks, to model occasionally. Similarly, it is not unusual to find ex-athletes at agencies. Nor is it out of the ordinary that someone in the industry is also an owner of a bar. Or active in causes like marriage equality and helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Or turns up, from time to time, in the gossip columns.

When all that biographical information is on one résumé, however, the result is, to paraphrase a familiar slogan, not your father’s Madison Avenue.

The résumé belongs to Sean Avery, who spent 12 years playing for National Hockey League teams that included the New York Rangers. Not long after finishing his hockey career in March, Mr. Avery began working with David Lipman, the longtime advertising executive, whose business interests include the Lipman agency in New York.