Recapping the 2015 Trade Deadline

| Ben Eklund

A total of 43 players were involved in 24 trades among NHL teams trying to dump salary, rebuild, or get serious about a Stanley Cup run this spring. Further down, each trade that took place on Monday is listed for consolidated viewing.

Prior to the weekend, the Toronto Maple Leafs traded David Clarkson to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Nathan Horton. The Leafs' blockbuster free agency acquisition in 2013, Clarkson scored just 26 points in 118 games as the Leafs entered a massive tailspin following their playoff run two years ago. Columbus is currently out of the playoff picture, too, but they were able to move Horton's contract. Horton hasn't suited up all season due to his degenerative back condition.

Chris Stewart will make his way from Buffalo to Minnesota; the Wild exchanged their 2nd-round pick for the 2017 draft.