Raffi Torres Answers the Bell

| John Chandler

Raffi Torres played his first game against the Blackhawks since last year's quarterfinal playoff series with the Coyotes on Thursday night and was forced to drop the gloves two and a half minutes into the game by Jamal Mayers.

You may remember that Torres was sidelined with a 25-game suspension after a questionable hit on Marian Hossa during game three of that series. Torres missed the remainder of Phoenix's playoff run. His suspension was reduced to 21 games over the summer and he returned to action last weekend after missing the first eight games of this season.

As for the fight, both Torres and Mayers each threw their fair share of right hands, but only a few hit the mark and the two hit the ice after a few moments. After the game, Mayers said that he assumed Torres knew that it was coming.