QMJHL (not Quebec government) will vote to ban fighting today

| nationdan

(contrary to a previous report, the government has no say in this matter, but they do support the QMJHL in having this vote)

The news came from twitter yesterday morning, but the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League will vote today to ban fighting from the league which operates within the province of Quebec (also in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island).

The English translation of the tweet says:

The @LHJMQ will vote on the ban on fighting tomorrow. I support this initiative. The league is a valuable partner in the establishment of a healthy and safe sports environment and this decision will confirm its leadership.”

The news comes with not much facts around it and definitely a lot less clarity as to what a vote to ban fighting would mean for the league which is currently still playing out it’s regular season.

Former QMJHL player, Mathieu Olivier has spoken up saying he would like to see players (former and otherwise) get a voice at the table, and definitely not have something like this in the hands of only league officials.

Questions abound from this decision, how will it affect the league currently. Why didn’t they make a rule change instead of the government coming over the top? How would this play out in the Memorial Cup tournament where the QMJHL teams play against the WHL and OHL teams.

As the decision comes down the pipeline, we will be sure to update.