09-03-21 8am ET Pound for Pound with John Scott – Ryan Reaves

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When you set about trying to create something new that hasn’t been done before, John and Tim from the Dropping the Gloves podcast, chose wisely. Previously, we have heard from Steve MacIntyre, Georges Laraque, and Paul Bissonnette. To wrap up Season 1 and get you ready for the new season, we are proud to present, #PoundForPound with John Scott, featuring the ‘Newest” York Ranger, Ryan Reaves.

From October 11th, 2010 right up until today, Ryan Reaves has been at the top of the pound for pound champion of the league. That first night in St. Louis it was love at first sight as the man we call Reavo took on Kyle Chipchura of the Anahiem Ducks and according to you, the fans, won the fight. Reaves received a game misconduct for an equipment violation. Since then he has taken on some of the biggest names in the game today. It’s been a pleasure being able to bring you these four episodes and we can’t wait to see what you think of the show.

We hope you enjoy hearing the conversation between these two warriors.

Want to see a season two? Let us know using the hashtag #PoundForPound.

Enjoy, and stay safe out there.