Most anticipated hockey matches 2020

| Justin Samuel

The 2020 World Hockey Championship will be held in Switzerland (Zurich and Lausanne) and will last from May 8 to May 24. The hockey world cup will be the 84th world championship led by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

In this post, our service will help you to keep in pace with the most anticipated hockey matches of the year and will also provide you with the group stage matches schedule writing plus playoffs of the 2020 World Hockey Championship. As you’ve probably read online, the group stage matches of the World Cup 2020 will be held every day from May 8 to 19.

First things first, quarter-finals and semifinals will be played on May 21 and 23 accordingly. The final fight and match for bronze will be held on May 24, 2020. In total, this world championship hockey is promised to hold 64 matches, and that’s quite a bit to enjoy for every hockey lover or just an enthusiast. For students, these matches are an excellent chance to relax. Studying can be tiring. To relax a bit, you can find online resources that will help you. For example, a service with free essay, a plagiarism checker, and many other services can be beneficial. They will help free up time to watch your favorite hockey matches.

All the games, as discussed, will be held in two arenas – in Zurich and Lausanne. The first accommodation is designed for 11,200 viewers whilst the second, new arena in Lausanne holds on with a capacity of 8,500 spectators at a time. First, countries like Latvia, Belarus, and Finland also claimed to be the host countries for the tournament.

The final decision was made in mid-May, 2015, at the conference of the International Hockey Federation held in the Czech Republic. Most funs’ essay samples placed online for free say that all group-B matches, 2 quarter-finals, 2 semifinals, a match for the third place, and the final game will be held in Zurich. As for the group stage matches, these will be held according to a traditional, circular system – each team will need to play with each one unless they are from different groups. Having discussed all organizational moments, it’s the perfect time to dig our free essay a bit deeper into match details, namely with the groups’ structure and games’ schedule.

2020 World Hockey Championship Group A: Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Denmark, Belarus, and the United Kingdom.

2020 World Hockey Championship Group B: Switzerland, Finland, Russia, USA, Latvia, Norway, Italy, Kazakhstan.

2020 World Hockey Championship Schedule:

Hockey Fights on May 8, 2020

Canada – Germany

Finland – USA

Sweden – Czech Republic

Russia – Switzerland

May 9, 2020

Germany – United Kingdom

Italy – USA

Slovakia – Denmark

Latvia – Norway

Belarus – Czech Republic

Switzerland – Kazakhstan

Hockey Fights on May 10, 2020

Great Britain – Slovakia

Russia – Norway

Canada – Denmark

Kazakhstan – Latvia

Sweden – Belarus

Finland – Italy

Hockey Fights on May 11, 2020

Czech Republic – Canada

USA – Russia

Germany – Sweden

Switzerland – Finland

Hockey Fights on May 12, 2020

Great Britain – Denmark

Kazakhstan – Norway

Belarus – Slovakia

Italy – Latvia

Hockey Fights on May 13, 2020

Czech Republic – Great Britain

USA – Kazakhstan

Canada – Belarus

Russia – Italy

Hockey Fights on May 14, 2020

Denmark – Germany

Norway – Switzerland

Sweden – Slovakia

Finland – Latvia

Hockey Fights on May 15, 2020

Germany – Belarus

Kazakhstan – Russia

Great Britain – Canada

Switzerland – Italy

Hockey Fights on May 16, 2020

Denmark – Belarus

Latvia – USA

Canada – Sweden

Norway – Italy

Slovakia – Czech Republic

Russia – Finland

Hockey Fights on May 17, 2020

Sweden – United Kingdom

Finland – Kazakhstan

Germany – Slovakia

Switzerland – Latvia

Hockey Fights on May 18, 2020

Belarus – Great Britain

Italy – Kazakhstan

Czech Republic – Denmark

USA – Norway

Hockey Fights on May 19, 2020

Slovakia – Canada

Latvia – Russia

Czech Republic – Germany

Norway – Finland

Denmark – Sweden

USA – Switzerland

With the schedule of matches previously discussed in this essay post, we can now outline sixteen teams divided into two groups that take part in the world championship. At the preparatory stage, each team takes part in seven matches. Places in the table are allocated depending on the points scored. The four best teams in their groups receive a ticket to the quarter-final and play according to the following scheme: the first versus the fourth, the second versus the third.

Such a match-scheme will be followed by the half-final, the match for bronze, and the final game for tournament gold. Teams that end up with the least scores in their groups will be traditionally excluded from the elite hockey-teams group. The system is purely simple, it may somehow remind you of a school essays competition. However, this rule isn’t applied to the team that will host the next World Cup.

Last year, though, the IIHF has made some changes to the playoff format. Semifinal pairs will be formed based on the rating according to the results of the introductory stage fights. Throughout the game, there will be considered the following marks: position in the group, the number of points scored, the goal variation, the overall number of goals, and the rating of the team. The team with the highest rating will play with the worst team. If the winner is not revealed at a regular time, then the game will continue in the 3×3 format until the first goal will be scored.

Well, that’s it. Hope you found our post useful for planning your free time in May 😉