Milan Lucic vs Dalton Prout, Dec 27, 2014

| Ben Eklund

How could the Fight of the Week be anything else? This highly anticipated fight built up for over a month after Dalton Prout dropped Milan Lucic with one punch on November 21. Lucic distilled his feelings to media about the punch, calling Prout's move “gutless.” Enter Saturday's rematch in Columbus between the Bruins and Blue Jackets. The fans in the arena knew what was brewing; viewers at home waited in anticipation. Lucic and Prout received coincidental minors for roughing in the first period, but avoided fisticuffs through the first frame. Minutes into the second period, Lucic made a beeline for Prout. Prout saw him coming and both players dropped their gloves simultaneously. Lucic teed off with the seething adrenaline of someone seeking vengeance. Prout hung in and tied up Lucic momentarily before starting to throw haymakers of his own. They knocked each others' helmets off and traded huge punches — punches with the weight of a newborn rivalry behind them, perhaps.

The Lucic vs Prout fight on Saturday reminded fans that no matter how the NHL evolves, a fight will always be the great equalizer when there is a score to be settled.

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