John Scott on His All-Star Selection

| David M Singer

A Guy Like Me

You know what? I stuck around. My wife and I had to move all across the country, year after year. But I stayed in the NHL, by any means necessary.

It is not easy. People think enforcers skate out there for two minutes a night, take a few pops and call it a night. What a life, right?

But I’ll be honest. You can never shut it off. It’s a 24/7 job. When you know a fight is coming up, you can never shut off your brain. You can be the toughest, baddest guy in the NHL, and there’s still that fear.

My first few years in the NHL, it was so bad that I wouldn’t sleep. I’d stay up all night on and YouTube, researching the tendencies of the next enforcer on the schedule. Steve Macintyre. Eric Godard. I could go on and on. You’d see these monsters on the schedule weeks in advance, and your mind would already start racing.