Jay Rosehill vs Krys Barch, Nov 25, 2013

| Ben Eklund

With six minutes left in the first period of last Monday's game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Florida Panthers, Panthers heavyweight Krys Barch found Flyers counterpart Jay Rosehill after a whistle and pulled him into a fight. Rosehill appeared surprised, and took a pair of punches from Barch while trying to find his grip. Once Rosehill got settled, he took over, throwing a dozen straight rights and landing most of them before Barch managed to score another punch. Barch appeared to pause for a moment during the flurry, possibly stunned by one of Rosehill's first punches. He recovered, and the two fighters continues to grapple. They knocked each other's helmets off and traded a couple more punches before mutually ending the fight.

Krys Barch had an active November; this was his fourth fight in the month. Jay Rosehill has had a trio of entertaining bouts so far, and he edged out Barch in this dandy.

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