How to Get More Real Instagram Followers

| Justin Samuel

Instagram is a social network with a brutal power and, at present, one of the most popular and with more interaction. Its growth in these last 5 years has been excessive so if you want to buy 5000 Instagram followers on Instagram in an organic and well-done way, follow these steps that I show you below.

Instagram as a Marketing Platform

4 million “likes” per day on Instagram make this social network a very interesting channel for all those who seek to generate that engagement with the audience that is so important in Marketing today.

Therefore, betting on Instagram today can mean getting an interaction 10 times greater than on Facebook, leaving it in the background in the eyes of those looking for a social network in which to expose themselves.

However, getting followers, likes and other interactions is not something that is achieved overnight. To establish a really attractive and successful profile capable of attracting followers and generating interaction naturally requires constant dedication and care.

How to Get more Followers on Instagram (no cheating)

Maximize your Instagram profile

·         Upload your logo or clear image to your profile.

·         Provide users with a way to get in touch with you.

·         Highlight essential information about your business. Tell them who you are and what you do!

·         Get your personality in your description of 150 characters and highlight that “something” that makes you different.

·         Remember to add a link!

Write a Biography that Stands out

To give a more striking and visual touch to your Instagram bio, you can use applications such as Fancytext, a free website where you will find varied sources to use in your profile:

Be Creative and get Attention with Stories

It is possible that of all the Instagram Stories that you see throughout the day very few of them seem striking or interesting.

It may happen that you do not feel or are not very creative. In those cases where creativity does not flow you can be inspired by other users or even turn to pages where you already have templates for Instagram, both in video and in image, prepared for it.

In most cases, these templates are ready and optimized to just replace the content (text and image) with yours. Thus, you can customize every detail of it making it different from all others.

If you use this resource you can give it a much more “pro” touch than with mobile applications. We have the example of Unfold, a widely used app that does not allow you to customize the templates as much as we would like.

Use well Selected Hashtags

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but that doesn’t mean you have to put those 30. In fact, it can even be harmful for you to do so.

When Searching and Selecting the Hashtags that you will use in your Strategy, Consider 2 Aspects:

1. Speed objectives to get Likes: It is considered a good hashtag because of the speed of likes received when putting that hashtag and upload the publication. That speed will determine if the chosen hashtag is good or not.

2. Objectives of likes and comments: That is, how many times you get likes and comments when using that particular hashtag.

Analyze and Detect your “Best” Followers

Something fundamental on Instagram to be able to gain followers is to see who follows you, who stops following you and, of course, “spying” on who is spying on you. For this you have at your disposal a free tool called REPORTS +, both in its version of IOS and Android.

Choose very well when to Publish

Picking when to post on Instagram is another definitive factor to get more devotees and, most importantly, improve connection and commitment with your locale.

Depending on how your followers are, they will have some habits and a few hours to use Instagram. This data varies a lot from one account to another so I advise you a free tool so you can measure this and get many more followers and likes in your publications.