HockeyFights Forum is now closed

David Singer created a place for you and me to come to and relive the toughness and that’s the way hockey has been for over 100 years. started with a text explanation of every fight that had been logged, for you. Then video came along and changed our world. The team David had created, worked day and night to bring together the most comprehensive collection of historical fight video that will never go away. We have and will continue to clip every fight we can in the most timely manner possible, to provide you with the content you’ve always enjoyed.

On the social side of things, the forums were a place to interact with like-minded people in a space for shared interests. With the steady growth of social media we’ve seen the decline of the forums. The existing site was breaking down slowly, and when the Nation Network took over a new website plan was hatched.

Our vision for future website growth and conversation is to push that conversation into each fight. You will be able to interact with every review, talk to each other and discuss the differences of opinion. We believe this will provide you a better platform to interact and share your passion for Hockey.

We thank you for letting us be your hockey fight source and we look forward to continuing the interaction with you on our new and improved site. We will continuously strive to be the best site to come to and revel in the players who worked so hard to police the game and respect the code.

If you have any comments or feedback, I’m always available at [email protected]