Fantasy Fighting Championship Bracket: Round One – Day Six

| nationdan

Week two is off with a bang. A big old upset and a photo mistake-marred yesterday's event. 

Day seven's preview has some of the biggest matchups of the first round in it.

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Yesterdays Recap:

Ray Emery 62% vs Patrick Roy 38%

The Razor takes down the fiery Frenchman in convincing fashion. Setup for a date with Ron Hextall in Round two.

Tim Hunter 49% vs Paul Bissonnette 51%

Biz Nasty as he likes to call himself pulls off the upset of all upsets. 

Clark Gillies 62% vs Dave Brown 38%

Gillies with a surprising 12 point swing here.

Torrie Robertson 32% vs Gino Odjick 68%

Gino gets the nod and is onto round two. 

Here is what the bracket looks like now:

Previous day's total votes:

Cam Neely 3091 vs Tiger Williams 1514
Jody Shelley 1169 vs Colton Orr 3738
Bob Probert 3994 vs Craig Berube 1034
Chris Nilan 2561 vs Adam McQuaid 2618


Today's Matchups:

Brendan Shanahan vs Wendel Clark

Rob Ray vs Derek Boogaard

Brian McGrattan vs Dale Hunter

Joey Kocur vs Wade Belak

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