Happy Birthday to the Goat – Bob Probert would have been 55 today

| nationdan

Authors note – I originally posted this with the wrong math done on the article. I am sorry for the mistake, but Bob would have been 55 today, not 54 like the article originally stated.

The greatest hockey fighter to lace ’em up would have been 55 years young today. As we continue to wait for hockey to resume and have a little time on our hands, I thought I would take some time to go through and update more of the fight catalog of one of the toughest to throw in the NHL.

Have a look below to see the fights we updated (click on the screen cap to see the full fight and give it a rating).

As well, feel free to tag us on social media with your very own favourite memories of the man, the legend, Bob Probert.

You can find all the videos we have in our catalog but clicking right here. Until then, enjoy the rest of the ten new videos added to the catalog today.

vs Tim Hunter

vs Brian Curran

vs Craig Berube 03/28/87

vs Craig Berube 04/01/87 1

vs Craig Berube 04/01/87 2

vs Shane Churla

vs Stu Grimson

vs Shawn Cronin

vs Mario Roberge

vs Stu Grimson