George Parros a Leader at Princeton

| David M Singer

Stu Cowan: George Parros “a really good leader,” his Princeton coach recalls

“George was a really good leader … he was a great teammate,” said Quesnelle, who spent 15 years coaching at Princeton, followed by nine years at the University of Massachusetts, and is now a scout with the Detroit Red Wings. “He really took care of the other guys around him. He was our captain in his senior year and was a really, really good leader. A big personality, not only within our locker room, but certainly on campus. He did a good job of really making sure that he worked on his game, whether it was in the weight room, doing all the little things that he needed to do. You don’t know at that level who’s going to make it and who’s not, but you could see day to day that he was really working on his craft, if you will.”