Joel Rechlicz vs Ryan Schnell, Nov 21, 2014

| Ben Eklund

Our Fight of the Week comes out of last Friday's AHL game between the Iowa Wild and Rockford Ice Hogs. Midway through the game, Iowa's Joel Rechlicz and Rockford's Ryan Schnell squared off on the hog's head at center ice. Defense took a back seat for most of this fight: Rechlicz led with his left while Schnell connected with a barrage of rights. After the opening rush, they briefly tied up to reset themselves, then opened up again in a good toe-to-toe scrap. Schnell appeared to lose some steam toward the end, which allowed Rechlicz to take control, but both players finished the fight on their feet.

Also deserving mention is Friday's line brawl between the Manchester Monarchs and Binghamton Senators. The opening salvo between Scott Sabourin and Michael Sdao is solid. After their fight was broken up, six other players paired off. Four fights total. Ramped-up emotions also gave way to some interesting penalty box audio after the brawl. Presumably, the mic was turned on during the broadcast to pick up the referee's exchange with the scorekeeper. We got a little more than that. Spoiler alert: it is not family-friendly.

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