Antoine Roussel vs Andrew Shaw, Nov 16, 2014

| Ben Eklund

With apologies to Zac Rinaldo and Brandon Prust, whose fight I had pegged and ready to publish as the Fight of the Week, the honor goes to a late nominee from one of Sunday night's games. In a rematch of a vitriolic battle from last season, Dallas' ubiquitous pest Antoine Roussel squared off with Chicago's Andrew Shaw. Roussel opened the scoring, but Shaw countered with a powerful and techinical effort that saw him land a combination of uppercuts and overhand punches that almost had Roussel on the ropes. After some grappling, both fighters continued swinging, with most of their punches landing. The linesmen — who stepped in way too early during last year's bout, not that it mattered — let the fight ride to its full conclusion this time. Up in the Stars' broadcasting booth, the commentary of Ralph Strangis and Daryl Reaugh further amplified the raw energy of the fight. Those guys love a great dust-up as much as we do.

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