Andrew Ladd vs Gabriel Landeskog, Dec 11, 2014

| Ben Eklund

Whenever two captains drop the mitts against each other, fight fans often expect a lot of energy and and raw firepower in an exciting fight. Andrew Ladd and Gabriel Landeskog are captains of the Winnipeg Jets and Colorado Avalanche, respectively. Ergo, we expect a fight between them to amount to a worthwhile battle. However, given neither player is much known for his pugilism, we'll excuse you if you didn't expect much of a fight between Ladd and Landeskog last Thursday.

After chirping each other before a faceoff, they squared off midway through a tie game and traded rights with ill intentions. Ladd's right arm came out of his jersey during the fight, leaving Landeskog to spend most of the fight on offense without a good hold of Ladd. Landeskog did well avoiding many of Ladd's punches while counterattacking strongly. He controlled most of the fight, and while neither player appeared to be worse for wear at the end, our voting page scores this as a win for Landeskog in only his third career NHL fight.

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