Dropping the Gloves – Scott’s Thoughts: Ross Johnston vs Samuel Morin & Brady Tkachuk vs Shea Weber

| Liam Horrobin

John Scott is back with another episode of Scott’s Thoughts!

John gives us two for the price of one in episode four, where he talks about the Ross Johnston and Samuel Morin fight and then the Brady Tkachuk and Shea Weber tilt.

The show begins with the Johnston and Morin fight from April 3rd in New York. The fight was triggered in warmups from Morin approached Johnston at the red line. The two agreed to fight, then just under three minutes into the contest, the gloves hit the ice.

In fight number two of episode four, John took a look at the scrap between Brady Tkachuk and Shea Weber from the same night. The two of them started by battling in front of the Montreal goalie. A few whacks back and forth resulted in some face-punching.

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