Dropping The Gloves Episode 280: Jersey Ads + The Best and Worst Young Cores in the League

| Liam Horrobin

Welcome back to another Friday edition of Dropping The Gloves with Tim and John! We hope the workweek was good for you all and the weekend goes as planned.

The main topic of conversation on today’s show was which teams have the best or worst young cores in the league. The rules were simple. The players in discussion needed to be part of the NHL roster and not an upcoming prospect. A couple of names thrown out there for best young cores were the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks. Meanwhile, on the not so good list, the Washington Capitals were the cream of the crop. Who do you think has the best or worst young core in the NHL?

In other news, the NHL announced that advisement would now be put on jerseys. The hockey world had mixed emotions about this decision. It’s understandable considering COVID, but when will it end? John and Tim also did some digging on Garry Bettman and found a fascinating quote from the commissioner.

Also, Jack Eichel sent out an emoji on Twitter that had everyone talking.

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