Dropping The Gloves Episode 256: Habs/Knights Split in Montreal & John Responds

| Liam Horrobin

Lots of Montreal Canadiens talk on episode 256 of Dropping The Gloves as Sportsnet Eric Engels joined John. Eric is in his sixth season with Sportsnet -13th overall – as their beat writer for the Canadians. So there aren’t many people in today’s hockey world that know the Canadiens better than him.

The Canadiens are two games away from making it back to the Stanley Cup finals right now. They’re tied 2-2 with the Vegas Golden Knights as they head into game five in Nevada. Few people gave Montreal a chance at all, including John, to make it past the first round, neither mind the final four.

Eric gave us a deep dive look at why the Canadiens have been so successful this postseason.

They spoke about Marc Bergevin’s acquisition throughout the year and how they impacted the team, which Canadiens need to step up their game and Carey Price’s performances in the postseason.

He also touched on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the media. Engels explained how the relationship between media and players isn’t what it used to be, making it difficult to understand the players. He continued to talk about how some questions about how zoom doesn’t translate well as they do in person – like the incident with Nathan MacKinnon after the Avalanche were eliminated.

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