Day After Review: Brayden Schenn vs Gabriel Landeskog May 17, 2021

| The Danimal

Well, it took a few more days (and overtimes) than we had hoped for, but we finally have our first fight of the 2021 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

After a HUGE hit/knee depending on what color the glasses you wear are. Mikko Rantanen is lucky to be able to skate (glide) away with no real injury. That said, no matter what shade you see through, the captain of the Colorado Avalanche was having none of his guys getting blown up. Gabriel came in and Brayden Schenn was left holding on and hoping the ensuing punches wouldn’t hurt too much.

I would like to issue an open challenge to anyone who could find a punch that Brayden Schenn was able to even land. Meanwhile, Landeskog could have even done more damage as Schenn went to the ice, but instead showed mercy. Well done by him.

Danimal Rating: Would loved to have seen a little more footage of it. I give it a solid six fists out of ten

Anyways, thats how I see the fight. Disagree? Good, have you headed to the fight page and let your own voice be heard? Do it now.

Otherwise, let me know below how many Schenn punches you counted.