Daniel Briere Says Canadiens Need to Be More Focused on Speed Than Size

| David M Singer

Newcomer Briere says size is nice, but Canadiens best weapon is their speed

Briere lauded the summer acquisitions of enforcer George Parros and big defenceman Douglas Murray, but he takes issue with the notion that the Canadiens have been pushovers in recent seasons.

“I know in the media there’s a lot of talk of the Canadiens being too small, too easy to play against,” Briere said Wednesday as the Canadiens opened training camp with medical exams and fitness testing. “Honestly, I never felt that way last season playing against the Canadiens.

“They were always one of the toughest teams to play against because they’re always on you. They’re fast. There’s no time with the puck. No time to make plays. Every play is rushed because their puck pressure is really good.

“So it’s important that we keep the same speed this year. But at the same time, it’s nice to have a couple of guys like that to give us some respect, physically. Those are two big additions, but it’s important that we don’t lose that identity of being a fast, puck-pressure team.”