Coming this summer

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As we patiently await Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Final between the Bruins and the Blues, we have been bantering around the hockeyfights table what to do with the dog days of summer when there is even less fighting than this year’s playoffs, somehow. Then the idea hit us, BRACKETS, and then we thought back to the rage I (Nation Dan) created when I tried to give a smattering of every kind of fighter imaginable.

Then we took to the airwaves and found a couple of new partners in podcasting and in general and we partnered up with @4thlinevoice. In them we brought in the foremost voice of brackets for top fighters of all-time and with it, a new bracket is born. Much better run, and less upsetting to you the fans here at

As well, with the new format of we have been able to tease down our data in the back end and will be bringing you the top 100 fights of 2018-19 (and that will be any fight we clipped over the last calendar year) as well as the Top 100 NHL fights of all-time, ranked by you the fans as a countdown to the 2019-20 season. is proud to be your source for all the fights of yesteryear and the place where you can come and see today’s fighters and players too.

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