Colton Orr vs John Erskine, Jan 10, 2014

| Ben Eklund

Our latest Fight of the Week is a highly-entertaining heavyweight bout that will likely resurface as a Fight of the Year nominee at the end of the season. John Erskine had not earned a fighting major since March 5 last year. But in Friday night's game against the Maple Leafs, the Capitals' heavyweight defenseman proved that not even a long layoff could diminish the speed and raw power he displayed in this bout with Colton Orr. With five minutes remaining in the second period, Erskine and Orr shed the mitts and squared off. After a brief staredown, they engaged and traded a couple punches that came up short. They momentarily held eachother at reach before Orr swung and missed, and Erskine got loose. He put Orr on the defensive right away with a flurry of big rights. Orr held strong, but his defensive posture caused most of his punches to miss or come up short. Orr found a window to straighten himself up and knock Erskine's helmet off with a heavy punch, but Erskine ended the fight by dropping Orr with a massive right hook that landed flush on Orr's forehead. Orr got up and left the ice on his own power, but he did not return to the game.

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