Chris Stewart vs Mark Fraser, Jan 6, 2015

| Ben Eklund

The New Jersey Devils have been very active in the fighting department lately, racking up 9 fighting majors in their last 7 games. In their matchup against the Buffalo Sabres last week, recently recalled defenseman Mark Fraser found a dance partner in Chris Stewart. This fight began off a faceoff following a Devils goal. Stewart, seemingly looking to spark his team, squared off with Fraser at center ice and opened the scoring with a flurry of jersey jabs. Both players traded licks in a good heavyweight scrap. Currently, the fight page lists Stewart as the winner according to the viewers who voted.

This was Fraser's third fight in four games since making his way back up to the NHL. He found the New York Islanders' Matt Martin the following game. Stewart earned his fifth major of the season. He has been involved in some entertaining scraps this year — four of his five tilts are rated 6.0 or better.

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