Chelios Talks Bertuzzi, Bruise Brothers, Respect

| John Chandler

A few minutes ago I glanced over at my TV and noticed that Jim Rome was just starting to interview Chris Chelios. So I went ahead and watched. I’m glad I did too…

Rome busted out the obvious question to start things off, asking how Chelios is still playing at age 45.

Chelios said that he feels great and feels just as good as he did five years ago when the Detroit Red Wings last won the Cup. He thanked his doctors for the ability to continue playing as they successfully found ways for Chelios to play pain free even after multiple surgeries in the past.

So when will Chelios finally hang up the skates? It’s hard to say at this point isn’t it?

Things started to get interesting when Rome asked Chelios about the league itself. Chelios was quick to say that the dynamics have changed, especially the way guys handle themselves out there. He said that there is no respect in the league amongst players because of the new rules. Guys can take cheap shots at will and not have to answer for their actions.

Wait a second! Did Chelios just complain about cheap shot artists?

The subject of the Wings acquiring Todd Bertuzzi brought up mentions of Bob Probert and Joey Kocur.

Rome brought up the rivalry that Chelios has had with Bertuzzi for years now and Chelios jokingly said that because of Bert’s size, he would probably just let things go in terms of nasty feelings towards one another. Chelios also brought up the summer that the Chicago Blackhawks acquired Probert, who Chelios disliked very much. Two weeks before training camp was to start, Probert apparently came to Chelios’ house laughing and to break the ice.

When asked if the Wings thought about acquring an enforcer to go into the playoffs such as Georges Laraque, Chelios noted that the idea was tossed around but ultimately nothing happened in the end. He said that it would have been nice having a Kocur-type player on the ice to open up things for the top two lines.

It was an interesting interview to the say least and it reaffirms the notion that the media isn’t the only one who wants to see the league go back to its roots in one way or another…