Athletics and Sports in Canadian Universities

| Justin Samuel

       Canadian universities know that students’ well-being depends on much more than just the quality of academic instruction, which is why athletic activities are widely appreciated pursuits. The academic institutions don’t only value success in sports, but also grant students all the possibilities to excel at athletic abilities. 

Find all About Canadian College Sports

       Canadian students can choose anything from community centers that promote extracurricular activities to professional training for nationally recognized teams. The support of the Canadian college and universities for athletic activities extends to financial needs as well. Students have access to many free athletic programs or can enjoy reduced costs under certain conditions.

Want to Join Canadian University Sports?

       Physical activities are a fun and rewarding way to unwind after class. If you’re a student who wants to get involved with Canadian university sports but your numerous academic assignments don’t give you time for athletic activities, clearing up your schedule a bit should be the first thing on your list.

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Find the Best Canadian Sport School

       If you want to take your athletic abilities to the next level, joining a Canadian sports school is the best way. Most universities and colleges have a Department of Athletics and Recreation, specifically for those looking to become professionals. Students can get a degree in many related fields like management or physiotherapy. Besides theoretical courses, students in these programs benefit from extensive athletic training, working with professionals in their field.

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Most Popular Canadian College Sports

       In Canada, varsity teams are the place where students show their athletic preoccupations. Since the first athletic teams of most colleges and universities compete in this area, Canadian intercollegiate sports are a big deal. Many schools thus develop powerful teams specialized in:

  •       Basketball
  •       Field & Ice Hockey
  •       Swimming
  •       Football
  •       Rugby
  •       Volleyball

       Students who show outstanding performance in a Canadian interuniversity sport can go on to play at a professional level in the national team of Canada and even compete in the Olympics if they show remarkable abilities. However, getting into a team is difficult.

       Since the student-athletes represent the university in Canadian intercollegiate sports, they must demonstrate their outstanding abilities in both athletics and academics. They must also respect all the regulations of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport, the official governing body of university athletics in Canada. Since the Canadian intercollegiate sports are very competitive, student-athletes are rewarded with generous scholarships.

       Besides varsity teams, Canadian university sports include individual athletic activities such as:

  •       Hiking
  •       Climbing
  •       Surfing
  •       Sailing
  •       Scuba Diving
  •       Dance
  •       Martial Arts
  •       Yoga

What is the Canadian Interuniversity Sport?

       Canadian Interuniversity Sport is the national governing organization of university athletics in the country, which brings together fifty-two institutions with thousands of student-athletes and hundreds of coaches, active in 11 sports. This organization is responsible for providing national and international opportunities for student-athletes and facilitating their participation in the World University Championships.

       Playing a sport is an invaluable use of your time as a student because it allows you to test your cognitive and physical abilities while bonding with your peers in a competitive and rewarding environment. Students interested in Canadian college sports benefit from a wide network of support if they want to achieve athletic excellence. Either by playing in a varsity team or by pursuing an independent activity, they have all the support they need from academic institutions and national governing organizations.